About Us and our sports offerings

What we do

We are here to offer your athletes in your organization progressive mental toughness skills that grow with them as they grow.  Mental toughness for a 10 year old is different from that of a 17 year old yet many programs out there do not differentiate between the ages.  I am not saying they are not good there are plenty of good programs out there.  

What we look to do differently is to have young athletes mature with us as they grow in both emotionally  and athletically.  We offer age  appropriate material that will develop a young athletes mental game to its fullest potential.   Through our on-line course offerings we can tailor make a program for the various athletes in your program.  I can guarantee you there is not a more comprehensive program out there for the value per athlete.

We have subscribed to many of them and  found that all we received was an offer for an up sale.  We want to offer you a full product with no upsell, just pure content.  If you then on your own want to pursue more with us we can set that up as well, but what we give to you and your organization is truly first rate.It is a compilation of not only the latest mental toughness techniques and information but also important life skills that will help you be successful off the field or arena. 


Why we feel this way

Every business owner is passionate about their product and feels that they have the best program to offer.  What sets ours apart is the success our athletes have had on the field of competition and after their playing careers are done.  

We have had 8 former players go to work on Wall Street.

The youngest partner in a major us consulting firm.

4 to Medical/Dental  school

2 to Georgetown Law school

More admitted to IVY league schools than all of our local competition combined.

4 working in the 5 Major accounting firms

2 to Military service academies and are in the top 5% in their class academically.

2 to Top 10 US Graduate Business schools.

This success is all within the last 6 years. Yes that is correct all of this is within the last 6 years.  In addition to this remember some of our past players we have worked with have won the last 3 Stanley Cups and 6 NCAA Championships over the last  6 years across all divisions as well as  3 European Professional Championships in ice hockey, and High School Champions across multiple sports and youth champions in several sports.  We feel an athletes mind is not sport specific.  It is just channeled differently for the sport.

We do not teach arrogance, we teach life skills and teamwork.  We now feel it is time to offer our program to the masses and help to form a new generation of athletes and young people.

Want to try our program

You can subscribe to our sports mental toughness newsletter.  We will also give you access to some sample material to decide if this is for you.  You can honestly spend hours even weeks and months trying to digest all the information that is out there.  

Putting it into a structured progressive program designed for sports mental toughness with a track record of success is the hard part.  I challenge you to find something better in this price point.  Look at it this way we need to have you show us you are serious too, if you are just surfing and looking for free information then honestly this site/program is not for you and I wish you luck with your search for something that works, but I can guarantee you that what you receive here will help your game no matter where you are at with it right now.