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My background

My name is Rob Day, I am a former engineer who became an ice hockey coach.  I have coached at the NCAA Divisions 1 and 3 levels for both Men' and Women's Athletics.  Also during that time I have served as a mental performance coach  for athletes across almost all sports from youth to college.  I have also worked with professional athletes helping them sharpen their mental skills and develop life skills for their transition from the sport to society.  I have also coached in prep school and juniors for nearly 20 years so I a strong understanding of what is required for a prep level athlete to be successful. I also have worked for some of America's best companies so I know what will be required of you once your playing career is done.  The reason why I decided to start the Academy was due to the lack of quality progressive programs that help develop an athletes mental game from a young age.  Also what I found was that with the programs that are out there many lack the "real life skills" portion that I also bring out in my material.  My mission is to develop not only mentally solid and confident athletes, but strong confident people as well.   My students successes after the game is done is what I am most proud of.


What they have accomplished in the working world goes far beyond their athletic accomplishments, but not to short change their athletic accomplishments-I have helped coach winners of the last 3 Stanley Cups and 6 NCAA Champions in the last 6 seasons (Division 1 and Division 3). Additionally high school champions have been crowned in a number of different sports through the use of our programs, What you learn here will not only help in athletics but will help in life.  The mental toughness training they received from me helped set them up for not only sport and winning but the game of life as well.  I will help you build that Championship Mindset for winning by doing it in a graceful way.

My Support Team

My support team consists of my mentors and my family. I have partnered up with one of the largest on-line mental toughness trainers in the country and recently completed his rigorous certification process.  I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you to help you succeed both in the field of competition and in life. 

My Winning Philosophy

I believe in sportsmanship and personal development for the greater good first. The sport is the game, and we are all in it together. While I am very competitive, I also want to support all the mental coaches out there as we strive to make the youth sports about development and not about only winning.  I work every day to better myself and to better the material available to you.


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